Ahegao Hoodie is a nickname for a hoodie, the design of which consists of several images of hentai characters with the Ahegao expressions on their faces. The hoodie has gained a reputation for shocking clothing, with the hoodie and its design also appearing in memes from Weeaboo culture.

Since 2015, a collage of hentai characters showing the ahegao expression of hentai artist Hirume has been distributed online. [1] On March 16, 2016, a South Korean forum user Ilbe Storage posted the first available image of a collage-based t-shirt, along with several other posts of a similar design. [2]

white t-shirt with Ahegao hentai face collage

Custom shirts with this design were sold on Redbubble and Palm in 2016. [3] On June 15, 2016, Redditor [4] doyouevenbape initiated a thread on / r / ahegao subreddit, requesting the source image used for the T's -shirts.

On May 17, 2017, Redditor [5] InsaneLogicc posted a now-deleted photo of a person wearing a different, currently more iconic, shirt design from the / r / hentai_irl subreddit, which originated at /r/streetwear. In the comments, Redditor Droidsexual provided a link for the shirt on Ebay. [7] Some of the images on the shirt, including the center image of Thank You Revolution Hentai, were originally created by hentai artist Asanagi. [8th]

T-shirt with collage of Ahegao faces

In the following years, several photos of people wearing shirts and hoodies appeared based on the design in various subreddits, including / r / ahegao [9], / r / animemes [10] and / r / justneckbeardthings [11] with them Comments There is often speculation about the negative reactions that might cause the public to wear the picture.

Ahegao hoodie in real person wearing Ahegao hoodie to a person wearing Ahegao shirt while shopping for groceries

When the design became known, memes related to clothing appeared online, mostly on Reddit.

xenoblade chronicles 2 meme about wearing ahegao shirt ahegao hoodie parody with pictures of a cute animal that expands the brain with different types of ahegao clothes

Official version of Asanagi
On April 17, 2018, Japanese hentai artist Asanagi announced plans to use the images to produce better quality clothes. On June 24, 2018, US hentai publisher FAKKU [13] announced that it had received official permission from Asanagi to use the design. The Ahegao shirt is sold online in the FAKKU store. [14]

official clothing printed with ahegao faces

Panel sources
On September 8, 2019, Redditor insanitykid2 published an article in which the images of the hoodie's most iconic design were matched to their respective nhentai URL numbers, which were later found to be incorrect and posted as a joke. The post received more than 22,900 upvotes in four days. In the comments section, Redditor InPlotITrust posted a correct version of the guide (see below) and acknowledged Redditor Drektar77 for his research help, with the comment receiving over 490 likes in three days. [16]

173936 -p11 106186 p21 177810 p10 89468- p29 162677 - p14 credit to u / InPlotTrust & uyDrektar 144529 p19 139808 p19 33260 p30 81892 p17 AMA 86895- p17 73111- p19 121916 p20 173936 -p14 65712

The panels shown in the drawing are as follows:

33260 (page 30) - four-leaf lover
65712 (page 16) - Remilia & Frandles SPER: MATIC
73111 (page 19) - Brainwashing dummy training
81892 (page 17) - Sanchi Chokusou
86895 (page 17) - Magic Twin Knights: Eclair Knights
89468 (page 29) - Dameda Kono Ojousama Hayaku Nantoka Shinaito
106186 (page 21) - Kyunkyun Masenrei
121916 (page 20) - My beautiful angel !? Ayase-tan
139808 (page 19) - thank you thank you revolution
144529 (page 19) - Isuzuppai (Amagi Brilliant Park)
162677 (page 14) - Victim Girls 12: Another bites the dust
173936 (pages 11 and 14) - Destruction of childhood ~ Little Red Riding Hood and the Little Wolf
177810 (page 10) - UnLove S.

On the same day, Redditor zawarudothatscooler posted the image in a separate article without crediting InPlotITrust or Drektar77. The message received more than 17,900 upvotes in three days. [17] The user subsequently deleted his account after learning that he had attempted to credit the research.